Quick note

Just a quick note, I want to start to bring you all some regular…somewhat expected content. As an example as I am studying animation and one of the main things I have to do is draw. I have managed to somehow get myself into the habit of drawing for at least 10-15 mins every day and because of this I think a weekly post of drawings that I have made from the previous week will be good to show. It also gives me the opportunity to get some feedback about my drawing from people. (Does this sound good to you?)

But because of the nature of things such as drawings I need to get a hold of a scanner but it’s looking like I won’t be able to do that until I visit home again which won’t be for a week or two. After that though you can expect some regular posts of drawing 🙂

I also want to keep you all up to date on the work I am doing for Uni and outside of it so you can probably expect another weekly update section from me specifically on my current work and any work I finish.

Still, this is meant to be just a quick notice to let you know so that you can expect content from me to be sparse for just a little while longer.


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