Beehive Yourself!

This is the first of the projects that I am presenting to you which I have completed recently. This project was not entirely completed by myself; rather I played a part in its production.

For an outline of the project I was set the goal was to create a short animation (approximately 1 minute in length) of a narrative. The narrative was pitched by other students whom wanted to direct these projects and everyone who didn’t pitch (or didn’t have their narratives chosen) were designated to each of the successful directors groups.

Within the group I initially wanted to work on scripting and animation however this unfortunately didn’t occur. Instead I worked on:

  • Character Modelling
  • Rigging
  • FX(Fur)
  • Animation (Shots 4 and 5)

So for your pleasure here is the animation:

I modeled two of the bees; the Drone and the Worker. I was supplied model sheets to do this and overall I think they turned out well!

I also created the rigs for all three of the bees (Drone, Worker and Queen bee). This was relatively simple as they all needed similar rigs and the legs of bees are segmented and so no smooth weight paints were needed for any part of the body except for the neck area and when the thorax joins the rest of the body. I also implemented IK handles in each of the rigs for each leg and the antennae to make animating easier.



Next I created the fur for the bees. To do this I used GMH2 (a plugin for maya hair). The process was simple however there was a large amount of testing performed to get the right look. To attach the fur I used polygon cards which were constrained to the rig. I then attached the fur to the polygon cards in clumps.


After all that all that was left for me to do was animate shots 4 and 5:

Finally, here is the turntables of the two bees that I modeled:

And that’s all there was to it! I hope you enjoyed this post and my work!



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