Compositing Project!

The second project I have been working on over the past couple of months is compositing. My project was to take pictures of a set or place and render three balls in different positions to a photorealistic standard and composite them into the original image in a way so that they look like they would naturally be there. Here is the original and then final image that I created for this project.


(For some reason the original image has uploaded in bad quality)


Personally I think I did quite a reasonable job, what do you think?

To create this I used reference images to get the shading correct and then created a HDRI image of of the environment using the chrome ball which I then used as a dome light in the 3D scene. I also created a texture including bump may for the table the balls are resting on so that the colour reflected and the shadows would be exactly the same in the 3D scene as in real life.

Table Texture

Table texture that I created from the original backplate image

Blended images_Rotated

HDRI Image that I created and used

When it comes to rendering I had to render many passes which can be seen below in the layer contact sheets:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After that I took the images into Nuke and composited all of the images together to create the final image! This is what the final node graph looked like:

node graph

(Unfortunately I no longer have the original render frames so you can’t see the original images in this. Also due to the size of the node graph none of the text can be viewed which is a shame)

There you have it! Everything that went into my compositing project! I hope you enjoyed my work!


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