Project Euler…A Hobby?

Recently I have been getting more and more into programming; so much so that I have been not only doing it at university but I have also taken it up in my spare time to make programs that make my life easier and to also solve problems from project euler.

For those of you who don’t know project euler is a website that has a large amount of mathematical and programming problems/questions that can only be solved through making programs to work out the answer (unless you want to spend years of your life working out the answers). An example of these questions is to work out the 10001st prime number or to work out the largest product of 13 sequential digits in a larger number consisting of 100 digits. These are only the easy questions too!

I find myself late at night while my brain is still whirring thinking about possible programmable solutions to the problems to calm me and nothing seems to give more satisfaction then when I solve one of these problems. Could this be the hobby that I have been searching for? It’s almost perfect in my mind as hobby; programming in general that is however as I seem to have a lack of my own problems to solve with programming project euler is perfect for giving me goals to work towards. It’s also quite a feat too to complete the later questions where only handfuls of people (compared to how many have answered the first questions) have tried and been successful. Some of the later questions only ~90 people have solved them where as the starting questions have been solved by ~50000.

Perhaps if I find the time I will update this blog as I progress through the questions; a challenge I am very much looking forward to.


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