Busy Time

I apologise to all on my absence from this site. Last I was on here was towards the end of my second year at uni. Since then I have been incredibly busy not only with starting my third and final year of uni but also working throughout the summer.

I got a simple retail job throughout the summer and am continuing to work at weekends during this term time which adds somewhat to the reason why I haven’t posted in so long.

What have I been doing at uni though to keep me so preoccupied? Well, I have been doing a very large amount of programming as well as some actual animation. I will outline and talk a little of each of my projects below:

Rain Simulator

During last year I had what was called a specialist project. I decided to make a rain simulator. Unfortunately it isn’t very practical as there is no way to export what is generated in it however the project was all about exploring particle simulation.

Flocking System

The next programming project I had was to write a Burt Reynolds style flocking system. Again for the same reasons as the last piece of software it isn’t very practical however I think it works fairly well.

Grass Generator

This is my most recent programming foray which I created over the past couple of months for a unit at the beginning of this third year. This project is practical; it allows you to generate a rectangular field of 3D geometric grass and then export it as an obj file for use in other 3D packages such as Maya.

I think once exported into maya it looks quite good no?


So there is all my projects so far bar one and thats because I haven’t been able to render it so far (it’s 500 frames long and is taking around 40 min per frame to render on a fairly high powered machine) so you’ll have that to see in what I hope will be a soon-to-be post!

I look forward to seeing what everyone thinks of my software!


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