UML Class Diagram Explained With C++ samples

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As you know a Class diagram is a diagram showing different classes in a system their attribute, operation and the relationship among different objects.

Class Diagram

Even I have been using it for long time; I always had confusion each time when I use it. This post is meant for such people; also it will be helpful for beginners, here I will explain the class diagram with C++ class example.

A class representation

Class diagram for the above class is shown below.
Different visibility of the class can be represented as
“+” Public
“-” Private
“#” Protected

Different Parameter direction
“in”           The parameter is an input parameter.
“Inout”    The parameter is capable of both input and output.
“Out”        The parameter is an output parameter.

Different type of members in a class
1) Static members are represented as underlined.
2) Pure virtual functions are…

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