Revision and Birdwatching

Today (the same as the past few days… should be weeks) I have been studying for my final exam of my degree. Seeing as we have been having beautiful weather the past couple of days here in Bournemouth I decided to take me studying outside. While I spent my time memorising formulae I noticed the same group of birds flying from point to point for an hour or two, then they started to get closer and would land on a wall near me; perfect for taking a few pictures. I got my camera out and have sat it by me all day and got a few nice images of some pretty birds! take a look (I’ve also thrown in some arty images from throughout the day while I was bored):

I’m not sure whether I would take bird watching / photographing birds up as a hobby but I have certainly been enjoying it as a minor distraction from my studies. Also, I would be quite interested to find out what kind of birds they are. They didn’t tell me themselves although they are certainly very talkative!


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