Beautiful Books

A while ago I was given some very beautiful leather-bound books as a random gift (I made a short post a long time ago about one of them). The person whom gave me the books gave them to me because they had no idea what to do with them! Neither did I at the time if I’m honest however they were so gorgeous I couldn’t let them be left to get dusty on a shelf so I accepted them anyway. Almost two years later here I am much in the same position they were; not willing to get rid of them but also not willing to write in them for fear of ruining them. It’s a shame really.

The leather covers have various embossed patterns on them with an additional section to keep your place in the pages. It has a thin leather string which you use to keep the book closed. The leather front cover even has metal supports in the corners to keep them from becoming misshapen. Now a leather cover on a book isn’t uncommon, what really makes these books special are the pages. The pages are all hand made with petals of various flowers mixed in with the page material giving these gorgeous random pieces of colour throughout the book.

I’ve tried to think of many a thing to start using these books for but none seem worthy to be put in anything more than a basic sketchbook or lined journal! If anyone has any ideas as to what they would do with them please let me know!

Within the front cover of the larger book was a piece of paper (long since lost unfortunately) with information about where the books were from and how to get more. Luckily I made bookmarks of where to get them! The company is called Natural Affinity and can be found on ebay here.

I thought I would share these with you not only to help gather ideas as to what to do with them but also because they are such an interesting piece I had to share them! At least by sharing them I am doing something with them!


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