Compositing Project!

The second project I have been working on over the past couple of months is compositing. My project was to take pictures of a set or place and render three balls in different positions to a photorealistic standard and composite them into the original image in a way so that they look like they would naturally be there. Here is the original and then final image that I created for this project.


(For some reason the original image has uploaded in bad quality)


Personally I think I did quite a reasonable job, what do you think?

To create this I used reference images to get the shading correct and then created a HDRI image of of the environment using the chrome ball which I then used as a dome light in the 3D scene. I also created a texture including bump may for the table the balls are resting on so that the colour reflected and the shadows would be exactly the same in the 3D scene as in real life.

Table Texture

Table texture that I created from the original backplate image

Blended images_Rotated

HDRI Image that I created and used

When it comes to rendering I had to render many passes which can be seen below in the layer contact sheets:

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After that I took the images into Nuke and composited all of the images together to create the final image! This is what the final node graph looked like:

node graph

(Unfortunately I no longer have the original render frames so you can’t see the original images in this. Also due to the size of the node graph none of the text can be viewed which is a shame)

There you have it! Everything that went into my compositing project! I hope you enjoyed my work!


Keeping entertained

So, the stress of exams are long over and I find myself sitting around, trying to find uses of my time. This is a problem I did not expect to encounter. I thought the summer in this case would be long hot days full of relaxation and fun but they’re not. Instead I find myself bored. I’ve taken to reading for a couple of hours every day. In the past day alone I have managed to clear about a third of Department 19: The Rising by Will Hill. I have read the first one and found it most enjoyable and so far I am enjoying this one as much as the first.

I’ve also been modelling a character which I too have almost finished in the past two days. This is how I find I am spending my time rather than doing something which could be seen as a bit more… fun? productive? I’m not sure what I even think I should be doing so it is hard to describe. Oh well, maybe I will find something to do over the next couple of days that will keep me going.

My Current Project

As promised, here it is. My current project. It’s not much I grant but it is fun. I have been tasked to create a fully rigged and textured vinyl figure character. I chose to create a vinyl figure version of Sully. Here is one of the reference images I am working from:

d6c832e915479f9b1bda0a4184259f35It’s cute isn’t it?! Well, that’s what I’ve been told anyway. It’s quite complex compared to some of the vinyl figures I could have chosen but I like a challenge. Here is a quick screenshot I just took of the stage I am at at the moment.

CaptureSo, as you can see, the character is modelled and for those of you who aren’t in the know I am in the middle of UV unwrapping. That is the process of determining how an image is applied to the model of the character. Like laying a cloth with an image on it over the top of the character I have to stretch the cloth or shrink it in different places to make sure that it doesn’t look abnormal on the surface. I have probably been UV unwrapping now for a couple of hours, at least on this character anyway. Hopefully over the next couple of days I will finish this part of the project and be able to start actually creating the texture for it.

… then I can finally rig it and get animating with it! It’s a long process creating anything for animation but in my opinion it is well worth it in the long run.

Anyway, there you have it, this is what I have been working on and I hope to be bringing you all up to date on my projects as I encounter and progress with them. And with that I shall say goodbye and get on with it!

Later guys and gals!