Life Update: I’ve Finished My Degree

The past few months have been a series of major events for me and all have gone in a blur of time. It’s hard to believe that I have got where I am now in the space of 5 months. Hopefully I’ll be able to sum it all up here as a way for me to place my thoughts, and look back on this time.

So as the title states I have finished my degree in computer visualisation and animation; signifying the end of my university life (for the moment anyway). I finished back in June and couldn’t help but relax knowing that,for a while at least, I had nothing to do! I relaxed and spent some time doing things I enjoy…mostly sleeping and playing games. Before long of course due to my need of being somewhat productive I had to find a Job; no matter what it was. So I started by looking for the jobs I wanted, jobs directly related to my degree and the sort of thing I wanted to do (I still haven’t quite made my mind up on that). I then started applying to the jobs not so directly related. Then just as I was starting to apply for retail jobs I started to get replies! It’s amazing how long it took for a simple no or general response from some companies.

All of that of course has led me to where I am now; working for The Foundry! A great success in my book and I am happy to say that I am loving it! The job is great, the commute not so much however it is worth it because I enjoy the role.

Hopefully I will be able to spend some regular time, now that I am settled into a routine, writing about the things I like to write about.


Why I Love Animation

When I say I love animation I don’t mean watching it; I mean everything it entails to produce it. Animation is somewhat of a gateway to every other area of life. Let me explain…

Say you have an interest in deep sea animals (bit random but bare with me), if you worked in animation you would have the opportunity to study and learn all about your interest in marine life as that information would be incredibly useful in your job if the opportunity arose to animate some sea creatures.

…or another example…

If you are interested in engineering then you could easily incorporate that into your animation. You could spend your time enjoying yourself by researching your interest which would not only be fun for you but it would greatly benefit the work you are creating (if engineering is your thing of course…).

What I am saying is that no matter what your interests are or whether they change, they can always be incorporated into animation in some way. If you were working in some other fields such as teaching, as an example, you would be required to teach a few subjects but if your interests are different from those then it can become difficult to merge your interests with your work.

I personally have a wide variety of interests. I enjoy finding out about loads of things from natural history to the latest computing technologies. Because of my diverse interests animation is almost the perfect field for me to enter as there is always something interesting for me to find out about when working which isn’t necessarily directly to do with animation itself.

(This is a hard thing for me to describe. I think I have got my point across but maybe not very well. No doubt I’ll return to this subject at a later date and try to talk about it in a somewhat easier way.)

Sensitivity issues?

I do not know what it is; whether it is that I have some kind of weird problem or whether I am normal for thinking this but I seem to more and more find that some peoples moods toward me are always worse compared to when they speak to others. It’s just something I’ve noticed. As an example because I am really bad at describing things, say I go to meet a friend, they seem happy to see me at first but soon their mood declines and they get irritable. Then later on while I’m there they’ll speak to someone else and seem all happy and cheerful towards them. Next minute when I am speaking to that friend they are back to being irritable etc and yet I feel as though I haven’t done anything against them! Is it just that they feel more comfortable around me so feel as though they can show their true feelings to me? Is it that I am an annoying person and they only realise it when they meet me in person? or is it simply that the times I have experienced this have been coincidental because of external affairs that I do not know about? I really don’t know…

I even feel a little bad asking this to everyone out there, as though I am being silly. Still, some part of me can’t help but think that I have somehow changed and that I have become the sort of annoying person that nobody wants to hang around with…

I think that I need to sleep on something this big…

So with that I hope that perhaps I can get some suggestions? If not hopefully I will come up with an idea or forget about the whole feeling overnight, who knows.

Until next time.

University: week 4

Sorry about a lack of posts recently, things really ramped up for a while. Still, i am back to tell you all about the goings on in the past couple of weeks. To start i started reading that animators survival kit but it seems I picked it up just at the wrong time and so as soon as I started to read it i received a bunch of actual stuff i needed to read for uni and also received a load of homework. Because of this i had to return the book however i do hope that i can rent it out gain and actually finish it this time.

Apart from that uni life has been pretty good, I’m still enjoying the independence that I have and am enjoying the whole feel of life at the moment. Still, i wish i could post a load of cool stuff on this blog but it seems i do not really have the time. Because of this I’m going to try and do a bit of advanced writing whenever i have a free day so that i can ensure that i am putting content regularly. Apart from that there really isn’t much to report, life is dull but enjoyable.

With that note i shall leave you all, speak to you soon!

Starting University!!!

Sorry everyone about not posting on here over the past few days or so, life has been incredibly hectic! I am now officially a university student! Exciting news no? I moved into halls last Sunday and have been spending my time getting to know my housemates and some of my course mates. So you all know, I managed to get into the NCCA in Bournemouth University studying Computer Visualisation and Animation. A quite prestigious course apparently and so far I am enjoying every bit of it.

Unlike most Uni students that have just started I unfortunately have not been spending all of my time out drinking and flirting with other people (something I would much rather do with my girlfriend than with random strangers!). Instead, I have been spending my time by adjusting to university life, organising my life, getting to know people, trying to get over some of my problems and most importantly of all I have been spending most of my time tidying my room. Seriously, if I put down even one thing in my room out of place the whole room appears to look like it has been hit by a bomb! Still, although I haven’t been out clubbing, university life has been fun so far, giving me the opportunity for a fresh start with new people and in a new environment. I think…hope, that this new beginning will help me get over old hates and habits and focus on being the best person I can be!

Anyway, I need to go and do my washing here for the first time so I must leave! Speak to you all soon!

What an improvement!!!

As you will all know if you have been reading my posts, I have been having a problem deciding between using my laptop or tablet for my university work while I’m out and about. I finally have come to the conclusion that I shall use my tablet (an Asus Transformer Prime) for all of my university work while I am out. This is for a couple of reasons but mostly because of the amount of battery life it now has. When I wrote my last post my tablet had six, maybe eight hours of battery life. Now however it can last for days! So far it has lasted almost three days with regular use throughout the day! I personally think that is amazing for a device which is basically a low power laptop. I managed to get it to last this long because I spoke to Asus about a few issues it has been having recently. They recommended that I tried cold booting the system and then if that didn’t work I should go and do a full factory reset. This still didn’t work. After sending my follow-up email about the issues persisting I decided to run the battery down and then charge each part individually overnight. What an improvement charging individually made over charging them together. With the slightly improved performance from the factory reset and the batteries being reset too the battery life of it has been spectacular for me. Because of this it has basically been sold to me to use this tablet for my university work. I will probably only have to think about charging it a couple of times a week!

I have also taken that opportunity to look at improving the performance of the system further and so far, most things that I have tried have worked! I turned off a large amount of features that I am pretty sure I will never use and I have also replaced the default Asus launcher which behaves sluggish in battery saving mode with the “Google Now” launcher. I have to say just from that I have seen a considerable boost in performance and usefulness. Still, I thought I should share these discoveries and give you all an update on the portable writing device for university front for your benefit and entertainment.

Until next time!