Life Update: I’ve Finished My Degree

The past few months have been a series of major events for me and all have gone in a blur of time. It’s hard to believe that I have got where I am now in the space of 5 months. Hopefully I’ll be able to sum it all up here as a way for me to place my thoughts, and look back on this time.

So as the title states I have finished my degree in computer visualisation and animation; signifying the end of my university life (for the moment anyway). I finished back in June and couldn’t help but relax knowing that,for a while at least, I had nothing to do! I relaxed and spent some time doing things I enjoy…mostly sleeping and playing games. Before long of course due to my need of being somewhat productive I had to find a Job; no matter what it was. So I started by looking for the jobs I wanted, jobs directly related to my degree and the sort of thing I wanted to do (I still haven’t quite made my mind up on that). I then started applying to the jobs not so directly related. Then just as I was starting to apply for retail jobs I started to get replies! It’s amazing how long it took for a simple no or general response from some companies.

All of that of course has led me to where I am now; working for The Foundry! A great success in my book and I am happy to say that I am loving it! The job is great, the commute not so much however it is worth it because I enjoy the role.

Hopefully I will be able to spend some regular time, now that I am settled into a routine, writing about the things I like to write about.


Packing for university

It feels like only the other day when I was packing all of mDSC01458y stuff to head off to University in Bournemouth and here I am, doing it again for my second year. Last year felt like it went so fast; like a blur. At the time I hoped that it wouldn’t end but of course the lecturers had to go home and so did I; for the long summer break. In a way it has been nice having all this time off. It has allowed me to appreciate the time I had there studying and although I may have complained about it a bit at the time I now see that I was actually enjoying it all.

This coming year should be even better too! Mostly because I will be moving in with my girlfriend and so I will be able to see her much more often and I will have an actual decently sized house to live in too! With a Garden! I’m sure that we both will have a great time there and I’m thoroughly looking forward to it!

Back for the Summer

Hello all!

I am back as I said I would and exams are over! (Huzzah!). And now I face the three month summer break of job searching and general relaxing and recovering from the stress of those final two weeks of University. I know I am only in the first year and most of you may think I am exaggerating however I assure you I’m not when it comes to the relief I feel at the moment. I enjoy uni, don’t get me wrong, it gives me freedom and knowledge in subjects of my interest however when the pressure starts to rise, it really does and so towards the end it can seem more of a nightmare than a pleasure! Still, it is over with now; time to looks towards these next couple of months and for the moment enjoy myself while I can! You can all be assured that you will no doubt all be reading about my exploits on here over the coming months.

On that note I shall end this here!

The Final Push: Exam Time

Posts on here have been slow as of late mainly because of all of the work that has hit me in the recent weeks. I apologise for that however it is out of my control. Initially I only had my projects which were taking up about 16 hours a day but now I have revision (oh glorious revision…) for two exams which are next week. I have been revising for a while now however I still feel unprepared for one of the exams. They are on Maths and Computing; pretty sure I have Maths nailed however computing I feel as though there is so much information to absorb it is almost impossible to take it all in. Because of the exams this hiatus will no doubt continue for at least another week. Hopefully then of course I will be back talking my usual stuff…as usual.

There should be some exciting stuff to talk about after this break; there’s talk of cars, I’ll be able to show you my most recent projects and probably a load of photography stuff and general rambling about guff.

Still, I should stop talking here before I give any spoilers as to what’s to come!

Speak to you all soon!

Actual work

I have realised that I actually haven’t put much on here relating to the actual work I have produced. Sure I have put up pictures that I have drawn but I have shown nothing that is 3D! So, here it all is! A quick catch up on all my recent work, please enjoy! Any critiques that any of you can give would be much appreciated!

Bouncing Ball:

Tails 3D Model:

Here is a render of the final product of a City Generator I recently completed. I coded it using python in Maya:

City Render2 no s and s


Well, there it is. All the stuff I have completed in the past…2-3 months? It does seem very unproductive but there is stuff such as essays etc that I have completed which I do not think you would be interested in!

Still, any more things that I complete I will post on here in the near future! You can expect a post from me in the next couple of days updating you on my current projects!

So, until next time!

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

as of late I have had many projects that I have been working on. I have really been enjoying them but I just feel snowed under by it all. One project that is mostly finished is due in in under two weeks and I have another three projects that are due in in just over a month. One of those is almost finished, another is partly done and the third and hardest one hasn’t even been started! There just seems to be so much pressure with it all. It also doesn’t help that I am expected to study other stuff ontop of all of this.

I’d think that I have stayed ontop of everything so far. I have done my fair share of work and studying each night but I still can’t help but think that it may not have been enough. I suppose these could all be paranoid worries of somebody with slightly below average self esteem but I guess I won’t know until it is all over. Until then I guess I will just use this slight worry to power through all of the work I have yet to do.

And on that note I think I should get to it. Speak to y’all soon!

Noisy Housemates!

Nothing infuriates me more than people being inconsiderate of others especially after they have been asked to not do something. In this case I am sitting here writing this while one of my housemates is having pre-drinks. I have university tomorrow and I have asked them to try and keep it quiet as I need to sleep….they are still being loud.

This got me thinking though, why are people inconsiderate? In this case could it be because they are intoxicated? or is it just because they don’t care about other people. I have no idea. I personally tip-toe around everyone so that I do not hinder their plans. I thought most people do this (most of my friends do) but clearly not. of course this isn’t the first time i have been treated inconsiderately but It just got me thinking so I thought I should vent/write my ramblings down on here.

Maybe I should look at what I have thought about/written here and see how I can improve myself from it? Maybe take from it to get involved more? or to spend less time tip-toeing around others plans to achieve my own. Anyway, It is a late night for me considering I have to be up at 7 so I shall say goodnight. If only I had some earplugs or something.