Life Update: I’ve Finished My Degree

The past few months have been a series of major events for me and all have gone in a blur of time. It’s hard to believe that I have got where I am now in the space of 5 months. Hopefully I’ll be able to sum it all up here as a way for me to place my thoughts, and look back on this time.

So as the title states I have finished my degree in computer visualisation and animation; signifying the end of my university life (for the moment anyway). I finished back in June and couldn’t help but relax knowing that,for a while at least, I had nothing to do! I relaxed and spent some time doing things I enjoy…mostly sleeping and playing games. Before long of course due to my need of being somewhat productive I had to find a Job; no matter what it was. So I started by looking for the jobs I wanted, jobs directly related to my degree and the sort of thing I wanted to do (I still haven’t quite made my mind up on that). I then started applying to the jobs not so directly related. Then just as I was starting to apply for retail jobs I started to get replies! It’s amazing how long it took for a simple no or general response from some companies.

All of that of course has led me to where I am now; working for The Foundry! A great success in my book and I am happy to say that I am loving it! The job is great, the commute not so much however it is worth it because I enjoy the role.

Hopefully I will be able to spend some regular time, now that I am settled into a routine, writing about the things I like to write about.


The Final Push: Exam Time

Posts on here have been slow as of late mainly because of all of the work that has hit me in the recent weeks. I apologise for that however it is out of my control. Initially I only had my projects which were taking up about 16 hours a day but now I have revision (oh glorious revision…) for two exams which are next week. I have been revising for a while now however I still feel unprepared for one of the exams. They are on Maths and Computing; pretty sure I have Maths nailed however computing I feel as though there is so much information to absorb it is almost impossible to take it all in. Because of the exams this hiatus will no doubt continue for at least another week. Hopefully then of course I will be back talking my usual stuff…as usual.

There should be some exciting stuff to talk about after this break; there’s talk of cars, I’ll be able to show you my most recent projects and probably a load of photography stuff and general rambling about guff.

Still, I should stop talking here before I give any spoilers as to what’s to come!

Speak to you all soon!

University: week 4

Sorry about a lack of posts recently, things really ramped up for a while. Still, i am back to tell you all about the goings on in the past couple of weeks. To start i started reading that animators survival kit but it seems I picked it up just at the wrong time and so as soon as I started to read it i received a bunch of actual stuff i needed to read for uni and also received a load of homework. Because of this i had to return the book however i do hope that i can rent it out gain and actually finish it this time.

Apart from that uni life has been pretty good, I’m still enjoying the independence that I have and am enjoying the whole feel of life at the moment. Still, i wish i could post a load of cool stuff on this blog but it seems i do not really have the time. Because of this I’m going to try and do a bit of advanced writing whenever i have a free day so that i can ensure that i am putting content regularly. Apart from that there really isn’t much to report, life is dull but enjoyable.

With that note i shall leave you all, speak to you soon!

Change of decision

Well, You know that whole losing weight thing I was talking about? Well I’ve decided that I am going to leave it. Or at least tone it down from the rate I have started at. This has been thought through and the reason being is that it is very difficult for me to choose to have healthy meals where I am at the moment. Living at home leaves me at the mercy of my fathers shopping and with a minimal income it is starting to become very hard to eat healthily and lose weight. Because of this I have decided to wait, only for a month until I am at University where I will be buying all of my own food and so can decide to eat healthily rather than eat a pizza all of the time.

I just thought it would be a good thing to put this down on paper so to speak.

I do have to say though, so far my progress on the whole weight loss thing was really good! I started cycling every day burning at least 600 calories a day from that and I have been keeping my calorie intake below 2020 which is the limit that Noom has given me. Still, like I said, I’m going to keep it toned down until I start Uni. Basically I am going to try and keep to my limits etc as I am at the moment, but if I do really fancy some chocolate or something I will not let my dieting get in the way of me enjoying myself. For example yesterday, I really fancied some chocolate, so I had some. Simple. Means I was over my limit for that day but doesn’t mean that I am not going to burn it away over the coming days.

Anyway, I think I have rambled on enough about weight loss and exercise. I will probably do another post updating you on my progress every couple of weeks on this subject so if you are interested then stay tuned!

I am alive!!!

“Greetings all” I say as I crawl out from underneath a rather bulky moss covered rock. Sorry it has been so long. I never expected to take a break of this magnitude from writing on here. Just life, as it were, got in the way. However I am back now…for the minute and am once again writing for your pleasure at my somewhat cluttered and dusty desk in my bedroom. Today I thought I would breach upon that most common of problems I have; yes, that most disgusting word….Procrastination (Dun dun DUN!). But in all seriousness I do have a problem, much like most people I know I gather.

It all started about two months ago. You see, I am still at college and am one of these people that appear to do nothing at college but are actually well ahead on their work. Unfortunately about two months ago I hit a wall on literally the last 1% of my college work. I just couldn’t work my way around to being bothered to get any work done. Because of this I have been sitting around for two months umming and arring about how I only have the smallest of amounts of work to do and just can’t be bothered. I suppose this can also be considered an umm seeing as I still have yet to do any work and have had to drag myself to my computer to actually force myself to type out something coherent. Unfortunately though this wave of procrastination hasn’t just affected my college work, it has also affected my home life. I just can’t bring myself around to playing any games anymore; they just seem like too much effort. I also struggle to bring myself to being bothered to do…pretty much anything that doesn’t include sitting down and watching a movie (I think this is maybe my favourite thing to do at the moment purely because of the lack of movement and effort required to do this and nobody notices if I catch a good half and hours sleep in the middle).

I am hoping however that with the writing of this blog post I can soldier forth and turn the tide of this epic battle between work and procrastination where to work all seems lost. I’m sure that this is some whimsical fairytale hope that I have but maybe, just maybe, with a little bit of hope and a large amount of self control I can bring myself to plug in my USB stick and finish that last one and a half thousand words so I can finally say goodbye to college.

And with that I shall leave you with a few words that might help you to overcome your fears of work and stop yourself from crawling back underneath that mossy rock I call procrastination

“Know the true value of time; snatch, seize and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination; never put off till tomorrow what you can do today” – Lord Chesterfield